Last weekend, the 3rd qualifying tournament for the European Invitational took place – the Vienna Masters. These are the first 3 places: 1. Konrad Sosnowski (Poland) 2. Jakub Irzyk (Poland) 3.…

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We wanted to create new team tournament pairing rules to fit the 3 man teams at Heavy Metal Dayz, the biggest german team tournament. We wanted to guarantee a very tactical pairing and no advantages for team 1 or team 2 in the pairing process. So we came up with this:

In the pairing process, one team will be denoted as “Team A”, the other one will be denoted as “Team B”. Team A is always the team in the leftmost column of the pairing overview (Player A), Team B in the right column (Player B). Each team will be handed one card for each of their players. These cards are included in the team folder. Each row of tables will consists of 3 tables.

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“A Poil et A Vapeur”, the first of the alternate qualifiers for the SmogCon European Invitational took place in Paris, France last weekend. These are the top placed players: Alexandre…

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These are the lists of all the participants at Aros Kingdoms. #1 – Denis Korzun Grim Angus (*6pts) * Troll Axer (6pts) * Troll Impaler (5pts) * Dire Troll Bomber…

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This past weekend the Aros Kingdoms tournament was held in Uppsala, Sweden. 28 players battled over 2 days to determine the winner. Congratulations to Denis Korzun for winning the event…

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Last weekend, the SmogCon was happening in London. These are the final results of the Masters Tournament held on Sunday. Congratulations to Robin Maukisch. With this victory, Robin is the…

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These are the lists of all 16 players in the SmogCon Masters. Thanks to Epic FM for hunting them all down! #1 – Robin Maukisch / Circle Orboros Bradigus Thorle, the Runecarver (*6pts) –…

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