Gesammelte Exigence Spoiler!


Exigence liegt anscheinend seit einigen Tagen bei Distributionshäusern und auch schon bei manchen Leuten zuhause rum. So langsam kommen auch die ersten Spoiler rein, die Forumuser Raidon so freundlich war zusammen zu tragen. Dafür schon mal danke an ihn!

Hier kommen die Spoiler, nach Fraktion sortiert. Man möge uns das Englisch nachsehen, es ist grad wenig Zeit zum Übersetzen auf der WTC…


– they are a unit, but each model is a warbeast and not a warrior model
– they have unit leaders
– must get run/charge order or be compelled to run/charge
– fury = number of models in play
– increasing or decreasing fury effects never affect them
– models forced independently, fury points generated on the leader
– only forced while in formation while unit leader is in control area, other beasts do NOT need to be in control area
– never have more fury than number of beasts
– can’t make power attacks
– if unit commander frenzies they all frenzy, can’t choose another model in pack as frenzy target
– only leader has animus
– can transfer damage to models in control as normal except if pack leaders fury stat is full


Bradigus theme:
T1 increase FA of stones and manikin by 1
T2 redeploy one model/unit
T3 sentry stones begin game with 3 fury
T4 free woldwatcher

character satyr
Affinity: With Morvahna, heal her for 1 point every time he takes damage or kills a dude. Has primal magic, sacred ward, special issue Morvahna.
Animus: reduce cost of animus by 1 in his cmd
9 points, POW 13 claw, POW 15 Reach weapon.

character unit
overtake, prowl, gang
heart eater
new ability that allows character to spend a corpse token to make a model suffer 1 damage if it fails to exceed armour.



Eine Skorn-sche Dorfschönheit!

Warbeast pack
4 models, costs the same as a Cyclopse Brute, AD, snacking, steady, improved gang, crit paralysis on weapons, 10 wounds each. Def 13 Arm 12 P+S 8 crit paralysis
Animus: frendly Warbeastpacks dig in.

Ardus Soldier (Heavy Beast)
cost the same as a Sentry, AD, pathfinder, snacking animus, speed one less than normal titan
P+S 15 on reach claws x2, P+S 18 on mount biters.
soldier has . . . Pull on one of it’s weapons
Carapace (+4 arm against free strikes, range attack rolls)
HP one less than Gladiator, Same Armour as Gladiator

Ardus Sentinel
cost the same as a Gladiator, rng 10 aoe 3 gun, AD, pathfinder, concealment animus, one less speed than normal titan.
P+S 14×2 open fist, POW 13 RAT 5 arcing fire and poison on gun
Carapace (+4 arm against free strikes, range attack rolls)

CMA, blade shield, parry, reform, reach, no weapon master, full unit costs the same as a full unit of nihilators
RAT 6 P+S 10 Weapon

eXerxis tier is . . . well, not good imo. non character warbeasts and tibbers. PGBH, cav units, tyrant units. Tyrant solos. Siege animantarax.
huge based models reduced cost by 1
redeploy for every tyrant model/unit included
+1 to starting roll for tibbers
animantarax begins the game with rage tokens.

Die Heavys haben wirklich nur SPD 3



Spd, Rat, Def, Arm: as Scattergunners
Swift hunter
Range 8 pow 10
5/8 pts

+ New unit immune to cold. Similar to runeshapers but with spray 6, rat 6 pow 12 and assault/AD. They get +5 arm against fire and when on fire have aditionnal bonuses (steady, no stationnary, boosted dmg/hit).**That is probably the fiery revelation that PP talked about in their podcast?**

+New character solo for Troll. It seems to boost Highwaymen but her/his rules seemed to be missing stuff (probably just took a small glance) so I’ll stop there.



PC 10
DEF 12
ARM 19
Bond with Rhyas: Stealth
Bond with Saeryn: Channeler
Special Issue: Rhyas and Saeryn
2x POW 16
1 SP 8 POW 12, ROF 2
Chain attack: hit with both initial melee attacks, make a ranged attack
Animus: Cost 1, Self: Gain an additional die on attack rolls against non-warcaster, non-warlock warrior models

wasps (warbeast pack)
killing spree animus, enemy -1 to attack rolls within 1″, improved gang, crit poison, 5 boxes, 4 models, each model costs 1 less than a shredder

CMA, pathfinder, stealth, ambush, crit grievous, cost one more than a naga


Abomination, Fearless, relentless charge, spell ward, unyielding, reach, magic weapon, weaponmaster, berserk
DEF 13 ARM 16 PC 2

All releases are what we’ve known AND the Gobbo Pirates seem to be in.

gator BE works for circle, legion, blindwater.

pigs BE works for Skorne, Trolls, Thornfall

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