New team pairing mode for the HMD

We wanted to create new team tournament pairing rules to fit the 3 man teams at Heavy Metal Dayz, the biggest german team tournament. We wanted to guarantee a very tactical pairing and no advantages for team 1 or team 2 in the pairing process. So we came up with this:

In the pairing process, one team will be denoted as “Team A”, the other one will be denoted as “Team B”. Team A is always the team in the leftmost column of the pairing overview (Player A), Team B in the right column (Player B). Each team will be handed one card for each of their players. These cards are included in the team folder. Each row of tables will consists of 3 tables.

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1. Team captains meet on the side of the tables with the table numbers. Scenarios, terrain and map types will already be set.

2. From there, Team A assigns one of their players to the leftmost table by placing one of their player cards facedown on that table. Simultaneously, Team B places one of their player cards facedown on the rightmost table.
Example: Team Poignant Savant places the “Deno” card facedown on the left table (in this case, Destruction). Team Kartoffel places the “Alex” card facedown on the right table (in this case, Recon).

3. Both player cards are flipped simultaneously, indicating which players will be playing on the two outer tables for Team A and B, respectively.

4. Each team hands their remaining two player cards to the opposing team.
Example: Team Poignant Savant receives the player cards “Frank” and “Tim” and gives the cards “Moops” and “Ben” to Team Kartoffel.

5. Each team choses one of the two cards they just received and places it facedown on the table to which they have already assigned their first player. Then, they place the remaining opposing player card facedown on the middle table. This completely determines the pairings.
Example: Team Poignant Savant decides that “Deno” will play against “Tim” on Destruction. They have the “Frank” card left over, and place it on the middle table (Incursion).

6. The four cards that are currently facedown are flipped simultaneously.
Example: On the left table, “Deno” will play against “Tim” on Destruction (man, Tim, you are screwed…), as Team Poignant Savant has decided earlier. On the right table, “Ben” is playing against “Alex” on Recon (hey, Alex can play FoH on a center scenario!). The middle table turns out to be “Frank” vs. “Moops” on Incursion (this doesn’t sound healthy for Frank…).

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