Schmerzi’s Hat: Boost to Vid Series

HMD_Penner-Schmerzi(low)Here you can find the link and additional info for payment:


With EVERY payment – click on the “Message to the Page5-Team” button before confirming the payment!

If you are registering for a team tournament: Put the name of the tournament, your team name, and your full name AND T3 nickname down.

If you are registering for a single player event: Put the name of the tournament and your full name AND T3 nickname down.

If you have ANY questions regarding payment / registration – contact us at!

Your browser window should look like this (forgive the German).

Paying the 20€ per person assures you a spot in one of the tournament. If you want to register for more than one tournament, please note that when paying.

Please be aware, that we don’t refund any payments. You are free to give your spot to someone else, if you can’t make it to a tournament. If you just don’t show up at the tournament, we accept it as an additional donation.

These are the registration links for each tournament:

These are the dates:

  • February 14 – Team tournament. 16 Teams of 3 players. 4 rounds.
  • March 21/22– Singleplayer. 32 players. 5 rounds. 2 days.
  • April 25 – Team tournament. 16 Teams of 3 players. 4 rounds.
  • June 20/21 – Singleplayer. 32 players. 5 rounds. 2 days.
  • The Grand Finale – August 22nd. 16 qualified players. 4 rounds. 1 day.

Additionally, we will be running another 16 player tournament parallel to the Grand Finale. With beer. And burgers.

The winning teams of the team tournaments + the top 3 from each single player event + 1 special award from each tournament qualify for the final tournament – 16 spots total.

Registering for these events is done via – the links to each tournament are at the bottom of this message. Payment is done via our PayPal donation button above.

What is “Boost to Vid”?

BtV is a 4-part tournament series. The tournaments are held between February and June. 2 team events and 2 single player events. The winners of those events – top team from the team events and top 3 from the single player events + 1 special award per event – will qualify for a 5th tournament in August, where the overall winner of the series will be determined.

Why are we doing this?

The Warmachine & Hordes community is growing every year. The past 2 years has seen the coverage of big events grow as well. In 2015, wants to bring the community in Germany and Europe closer together. wants to do this kind of coverage for German and international events. The WTC 2014 in Poland was one of the biggest WM/H events worldwide and we covered that via our social media channels. In 2015, this event will take place in Ireland. We will be there as well.

In order to do that we need more and better equipment. We want to expand.

This is where you, the community comes in.

We need your help.

What do we want to buy?

Cameras. Microphones. Sound mixing equipment. Tripods. Streaming equipment.

Why do we need all this?

More games. We want to cover more events – like the Heavy Metal Dayz, German Masters, ClogCon and of course, the WTC.

Higher quality. Better video quality. Better sound.

More content. Interviews with players, judges and organisors.

Streaming. In 2015, wants to start streaming games live via Twitch, including color commentary.

How much do we need?

Approx. 3.500 €

How do we want to raise this money?

The tournaments cost a little more than usual. It is 20€ per person and tournament.

5€ are meant for organising the tournament and the prize support.

15€ go to Schmerzi.

Who are these tournaments for?

You. Everyone of you. It doesn’t matter if you have been winning tournaments for the past decade or if you started last week.

Come to the tournaments. Have fun. Play Warmachine!

Why should I support you? is an independent platform and wants to stay that way. That is why we need your support.

We have a few unique gadgets for every participant. We know it is a little more expensive than usual, but it is for a good cause. We won’t hold anything back in terms of prize support.

Who is already supporting us?

We already were able to secure a few sponsors and would like to thank them for their contribution:

Ulisses Spiele GmbH
Florian Stitz – he drew the picture of Schmerzi.

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